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 The Sun Bandit® SBES System includes:

(Basic 2 Module Package, mounting & racking included)

A- (1) Sun Bandit® Hybrid Water Heater of your choice including Mix Valve and Temperature Gauge
B- (1) Sun Bandit® AC Micro-Grid Inverter
C- (2) Top Tier Solar Modules (Trina 280W)
D- (4) Zilla Zip Flashing Assemblies with L-foot and Mounting Hardware
E- (2) Zilla Quad Combo rails
F- (4) Zilla End Clip Assemblies and (4) Zilla Top Clip Assemblies
G- (4) Zilla Splice Bar Assemblies
H- (4) Wire Management Clips
I- (1) Zilla PVC Electrical Flashing with Junctions Box
J- (1) Sun Bandit® Digital System Monitor
K- (1) Sun Bandit® AC Micro-Grid Disconnect
Energy Independence for Everyone


Solar power has never been more competitive while at the same time energy rates have never been as high. This has opened up a tremendous opportunity for more people to benefit from solar power while using fewer fossil fuel resources, all the while making sound bottom-line decisions. Using solar power for domestic hot water and heating is a simple way to immediately cut down on resource consumption while saving money on utility bills. The Sun Bandit® system also qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

As energy needs are constantly increasing, new solutions are required to make solar power a practical and affordable reality. Sun Bandit(R) delivers high-performance solar to any location, making it practical in both rural and urban settings. Sun Bandit® capitalizes on the solar milestones set in the past by providing a solution that envisions wide-scale and mainstreamed solar adoption which leverages a unique confluence of engineering, design, and usability. According to the DOE, electricity rates are projected to rise over the next 10 years, making affordable renewable energy more important than ever.

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Simply Smarter Technologies

By using solar photovoltaic (PV) power instead of solar thermal, Sun Bandit® is able to provide a much simpler and more cost effective solution than previously available. Solar PV equipment has fallen drastically in price, 75% over the past five years by some figures, allowing Sun Bandit® to be a much more economical solution than traditional solar thermal systems. Furthermore, Sun Bandit® does not require regular maintenance or rely on mechanical parts, which makes it even more economical in the long-term.

The specially-designed Sun Bandit® AC micro-grid controls regulate the Sun Bandit® system, ensuring optimal power use at any given time. The micro-grid allows Sun Bandit® to be autonomous from utility permitting and manages the power flow from the PV modules to the Sun Bandit® hybrid water heater. By creating a true, self-contained micro-grid, Sun Bandit® is able to work seamlessly as a standalone appliance.

Sun Bandit® focuses on optimizing the benefits of solar water heating by making them easier to enjoy. Unlike traditional solar thermal systems, Sun Bandit® can work in any temperature and even during power outages, delivering hot water when it is needed the most. The dependability of PV makes Sun Bandit® a reliable solar appliance. Without the need for grid interconnect, mechanical systems, or regular maintenance, Sun Bandit® makes it easier to start enjoying free and abundant solar power. As a single-source solution, Sun Bandit® takes the guesswork out of assembling an optimized solar package.

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Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid energy systems